Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gamecraft Miniatures

I stumbled across the company Gamecraft Miniatures quite some time ago. They specialize in laser cut mdf in multiple scales along with some foam core and resin. I have bought most their 20mm Afghanistan line, in a mix of foam core and laser cut mdf. I have also started my collection of 20mm buildings for Cold War Gone Hot. Their quality to cost ratio is astounding. I can buy 3 of their buildings to most other companies 1. They are also beautiful and easy to build and paint. You can scan my blog for tons of pictures using their buildings. In fact, here is one with multiple buildings and walls from them on my Afghan table.

So where am I going with this? Oh ya... they are having a 4th of July sale of 20% off!  They seem to have a sale every American Holiday of some sort, but it is never 20% off.  Sadly there are multiple other companies out there with sales going on that I want to buy from, so I had to stop my "oooooo shiny" syndrome from getting out of hand.

I did however pick up some laser cut counters for Force on Force.  I have been using beads to represent various affects, and while they work, they aren't as cool, and sometimes can get confusing.  

I think they will add a lot to my games of Force on Force and make keeping track of things a lot easier.  

Any who, that is it for today.  

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'd missed that one. I just spent way too much money there, thanks to this sale. Now I have some terrain for 15mm though, and I needed to get a good start on that.