Monday, July 2, 2012

Work in Progress

Thought I would give a quick update on some things I am currently working on.

I am working on a LAV squadron (Not really sure what the correct term is). I have 4 LAV 25s, a command variant and an AT variant.  All of the kits are from Trumpeter.  These were fun and easy to put together.  There is still some assembly to be done as I am debating how much I want to pimp them out with accessories.

These are 2 Britannia Scimitars that will be done up for my Brits in Afghanistan.  These need some love an attention as there are some extensive air bubbles and cast errors.  There are a few metal pieces like the the barrel that will be added once I clean them up and magnetize the turret.

Donkey Cart from Britannia.   This is one of my favorite pieces.  I will probably add some junk in the back of his cart to make him even more fun.

Goat herder and his wife (not sure which one is his wife still) from Britannia .  Another fun addition to my range.  Great for Fog of War cards.

Hot spot markers from S&S models.  These are very flavorful and have the numbers on them which makes them super useful.

A Viking from Britannia.  I have 4 of these in total to transport my Royal Marines.  A very odd vehicle indeed.  Each kit has 2 gunners.  These will require a hefty amount of cleaning and fixing.

Taliban motorcyclists from Britannia. I have 3 of these in total.  Always a fun to have guys on motorcycles.  A few scenarios call for these and I really want to play with them.

IED markers from S&S.  Very useful for force on force.  Some are quite cool.  There are a few more in my box.

News reporter group from Britannia.  What is not to love here?

Some cleaned and built Landrover WMIKS from Britannia.  Really cute little vehicle/kit.  Still need to green stuff up some patches as they suffer from air bubbles.  Were not fun to clean at all.  I do not like the resin used by Grubby Tanks on the Britannia line.

An S&S MRAP along with a bag full of bar armor to go on it.  I have 3 more MRAPs and enough bar armor for them all.  I also have one mine roller.  These are the Mastiffs so they will go with my Brits.  These will need some pretty extensive cleaning... waiting for a nice day to go outside with a mask or respirator to grind away some resin chunks.

Part of my technical fleet.  I have some plastic trucks too.  I haven't decided what I want to do with them fully.  The dark one is from Britannia while the rest are from S&S.  I really like the idea of Technicals dueling my Landrover WMIKs.

So I have a lot of work to do.  These are all things I would like to use in my Convention games in September.  Well... back to being productive!


  1. Looks like lots of fun stuff is coming up. Four LAV's would be a platoon.

  2. The technicals look like there's a lot of entertainment value. I don't recall off the top of my head if F&F provides stats for technicals, but it would be worthwhile.

  3. There are some stats hidden in the books, however, it is quite easy to just make up stats. Really it is just a soft skinned vehicle that doesn't get the benefit of having the whole table as optimum range.