Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More WIP: British Infantry and MRAP Pin Wash

For those of you that don't live here, this is Colorado on May 1st... Awesome huh?

Well I have been plugging away at my Brits slowly but surely.  Here are my MRAPs with a pin wash of Ak Interactives enamel wash OIF & OEF thinned with some white spirits.

My first try with enamel washes and I really liked it as I was able to go back with a brush and white spirits and clean up areas that were messy.  Next step I think will be a dry brush, then some minor highlights and I think we will be onto weathering!  Oh I also sealed the model before the Enamel wash as it apparently helps the wash flow in the cracks and recesses much better and doesn't damage the paint underneath.

Onto the Infantry!

Not sure what I am doing different, but these seem to be a lot more time consuming to paint than the first lot of Brits I did about a year ago.  Same technique, maybe I am just rusty on infantry.  So I have 9 guys that just need to be dipped and then they are done.  Another 5 guys need the camo stripes painted on then they will get dipped too.  That leaves 4 dogs and a camera crew to do after that and the infantry is done for the Brits.  Just as a heads up, these models look terrible before they get dipped.

Here is a picture of what they will look like after the dip and matte coat.

That's it for now.  Saturday should be a nice sunny day so I should be able to get more terrain work done.  Last Saturday I carved out hills for Afghanistan.  This Saturday I will finish sanding them and get some plaster on them and my sci fi forests should get based and ready for painting.

Hopefully I can get some more painting done Thursday or this weekend.  I want to be done with this British project by July 1st.

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