Friday, March 15, 2013

Post Human Republic for Dropzone Commander

So I have slowly been cleaning, building and magnetizing my PHR for Dropzone commander and even got in a demo game with Chris Ward at Collectormania in Parker, Colorado.

I need to take some more pictures, but here is a quick look at something I think it pretty sweet

I have magnetized the torso of all of my walkers so far, and magnetized the connection point on the dropships and top of the walker.  They are really small magnets and are drilled in so when the models are painted you won't be able to notice them.  I have removed the current bases from the walkers and will replace them with 30mm rounds later.  This however will make it to where I can't put 2 walkers on a dropship at the same time as their bases will collide, but I really enjoy based models.

I have also bought some MASKFX from Critical Mass games.  It is essentially a template for camo designs when you airbrush models.  I will be painting my PHR in a digital urban camo.  Hopefully I can get started on the actual painting relatively soon.

Maskfx from Critical Mass Games

Video Tutorial of Maskfx

That is it for today!

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  1. I like that video on airbrushing digicam. May have to try it myself...