Monday, January 11, 2016

15mm Gruntz 2016 Battle Report 1: UNSC vs Rag Tag Militia

Upon learning of an illegal arms trade and subsequent uprising the United Nebular Space Council dispatched a peace keeping force to the desert planet of 2335 Coronae IV.  Unknown to the UNSC strike force was the exact composition of the local militia.  Colonel Carthen, commander of the UNSC forces in the Coronae sector only had one mechanized platoon and the Paladin class tank "Horizon" to quell this uprising.  The troops he commanded were elite light infantry, with some serious hardware and numerous battles to their name.  Forward reconnaissance located the Militia scum 1 click north of their current landing site.  The terrain was not very favorable, this planet was pretty barren with very little vegetation, but orders were orders.  The uprising must be silenced.

3 Squads move forward in their Phalanx APCs.  Squads A and B have an attached heavy laser.  Squad A secures the right flank, while Squad B with a Spider Droid secures the center.  C Squad is told to hold the left flank.

Troopers await the upcoming battle inside their APCs

C Squad moves up behind a hill.  Horizon takes a shot at an enemy Hover Tank scoring a direct hit.  Looks like the targeting equipment was crippled. B Squad drops off their Heavy Laser team in some vegetation.

A rather large Militia force with a variety of equipment.  Hover tanks, wheeled, and tracked along with various mecha.

Horizon fires a second salvo brewing up the Hover Tank.

A and B Squad move out into cover and start firing missiles and heavy laser fire into the Militia vehicles.  C squad ventures too far.  Frakkin new replacements trying to prove themselves.

Horizon targets a light Mecha and destroys it in one shot

C Squad takes horrendous casualties while A and B squads continue pouring on the fire.  

The Militia tries to push forward.

A Squad brings down what appears to be an American build IFV and the dismounted infantry.  B squad lights up another light mecha.

Spider Droid moved forward to destroy most of an enemy infantry unit.  A squad has been wiped out.  Frakkin Noobs.  Horizon decides to Brew up another Hover Tank while taking minimal return fire.  The Militia vehicles acquired in the illegal arms trade seem to be of poor quality.  Spider Droid moved too far forward and took a large amount of damage from the back destroying it.

Had a great game with my friend Matt.  We played 300 points a side.  He is still trying to build a cohesive force out of his very large collection of 15mm figures.  I have been tweaking this force for a while and I think I am close to a nice balance.  His troops were very under armed and under trained.  I told him to make his guys at least skill/shoot 4 if he wants to represent trained soldiers as 3 skill/shoot can't hit much in this game.  He also took way too light of guns on his vehicles.  He had a very hard time doing much damage to my troops.  

I had a missile launcher in each squad along with 2 heavy laser teams.  I was able to do heaps of damage to his vehicles and mop up his infantry with small arms fire.  My force was all skill/shoot 5 to represent a battle hardened unit of veterans.  They also all had the Hard Vetz special rule to match their backstory.  

This is my force that I want to finish up painting and have at least 600 points to mess around with.  I would like to continue creating and fleshing out their back story.  Kind of an oppressive futuristic U.N. style force.


  1. Peace keepers carrying a big stick... :-)
    Great AAR thanks for posting.

  2. Great stuff Nick. It's nice to see some paint on those things. They'll be so much prettier when I kill them next time...

  3. According to Gruntomatic your Unit Lists you don't have 300 you had 358. When you have a battle for 300 is it normal to hedge it a bit? (Curious, not trying to be argumentative).

    1. I have modified my list since this battle, pretty normal for people to do. Main difference is that my Laser Teams were shoot 4 for this game for some reason, and I didn't actually have weapons on my APCs, they had area CIWS. I felt like both of those things didn't mesh very well. Probably a few other tweaks here and there, but at the time my list was 300 exact.

      That being said, I haven't fixed up a 300 point list since then using my new stats.

    2. Also, not sure where you get 358 from. With my updated stats the list I used would be 313 points, so I would drop the Spider Droid in future battles to get a 297 point list.