Saturday, March 30, 2013

British Challengers and Warriors WIP

I have been working on a bunch of vehicles for my British Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq (Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom).

I have been messing around with my air brush and working with filters and pigments.  I have never used pigments before or filters and I am still new with the airbrush so this is a fun experiment.

I decided to take my single Challenger 1 with ERA and use it as my test tank.  Eventually I would like to get 3 more Challenger 1s for Desert Storm and paint them up just the same.

This is a Challenger 1 Desert Version from Trumpeter based on plasticard with some scenics on it.  Wire is drilled in to represent antenna and I have base coated it white.

Challey 1 next to its big brother the Challenger 2 with a dozer blade from Dragon.

Forgot to take paint shots in between layers, but I have base coated the model with Tamiya Brown for a nice shade.  Then I sprayed it with Desert Yellow.  Then did a lighter coat of a mix of Desert Yellow, Buff and a Light sand.  Tracks, Machine gun, antenna, muzzle and some other bits get painted black and given a quick highlight of dark grey.

Quite a few steps here.  I pin washed the cracks with GW devlan mud (not sure what the current equivalent is), then dry brushed Vallejo Iraqi sand over the tank pretty roughly.  Then I used a Mig Desert Korps filter on the tank.  It is currently drying.  The filter is very yellow at first, but softens a lot once dry.  I will probably go back and do some minor touch ups, finish up the base, then it is on to decals, sealing and weathering.

I am very pleased with it so far.

And the rest of the vehicles all based and ready for priming.

I have a bunch more vehicles still after this, and about 15 infantry to do.  I can't wait to fully finish my Brits.  Feels like I am getting there.

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