Saturday, February 22, 2014

Early WIP Terrain Board

Just a quick teaser for you guys.  My good friend Lee is helping me build a terrain board for my foray into 1980's Cold War engagements in West/East Germany.  Lee is a fantastic terrain builder and helped build my Afghanistan terrain boards.  When I say help, I mean Lee does 75% or more of the work and I do the detailing and brainstorming ;)

The terrain is all 1/72 scale.

The idea of this table is to be a small town somewhere in Germany.  The outskirts of town are mostly farmland and turns into a little rural town with a larger factory and train station that give it a little bit of identity.

There are two more sideboards that attach to the board edge closest to the camera.  The table will be 8x6 comprised of six 2x4 sections.  It won't be modular, but it will give me options if I want to play on smaller tables made up of the boards that I have.

Most of the buildings are from Gamecraft Miniatures with a couple HO scale buildings and accessories mixed in and one Italeri Church.

I need to buy a few more walls and buildings.  Lee has been going crazy finding fun little details to put on the board.  There will be a main road going through town with a cross section and little side roads.  We have actually re-positioned a lot of the buildings in the top picture and optimized the layout.  All the buildings will be on bases for ease of storage and so I can play with them on a regular game mat.

This project won't be done anytime soon, but I wanted to show you something that I am pretty excited about.  I'll post updates every once in a while to keep you in the loop.

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