Tuesday, March 4, 2014

15mm Crusty Marshborn WIP

I have sort of dropped my Cold War project for the time being and have delved deeply into 15mm Science Fiction.  This is a force that I got from Ground Zero Games.  They are a chitinous alien race that reminds me of the aliens from District 9.  I have 2 more larger walkers that aren't built yet and I am working on finding some sort of transport vehicle.

Not much too look at right now.  I do like how the bases came out on the guys in the middle.  I am thinking of a green and grey theme for the guns, mechs and armor suits.  I am thinking brown washes and a khaki high light will work pretty well for the chitin.

I played a game of Gruntz with these guys on Sunday.  My friend took a bunch of pics so hopefully I can get those from him and post up an AAR.


  1. Great looking force. Seeing a lot of Crusty love lately and its making me want to get hold of some of them.

  2. You need better pictures Nick. These don't do them justice. They are really nice models and your paint job works well.

    1. Ya these pics definitely aren't very good, I just kind of snapped them off to get in a quick WIP. Once they are done I will take more pics with some close ups. Will also use a proper light box.