Sunday, February 28, 2016

All Play and No Work for February

February has been a rather quiet month for my blog.  I have actually played a lot of games, but haven't really taken any pictures as it has primarily been Star Wars X-Wing and Armada.  Sadly I am not doing very well in my painting goals.  I actually did some painting today and was pleased with the results.

So where am I in my goals? As of today I have played 23 games (16 Miniature Games and 7 Board Games).  15 of those games have been part of my goals.  That put's me slightly ahead on my gaming goals for the year as I currently need to play 6 games a month from my goal list to complete my goal. I am also happy that I am playing some different games that were not on my list.

For painting, I am way behind.  I find myself coming home from work, eating some food, watching a youtube video and then going to bed.  I really need to stay up another hour or two an just get some paint on some miniatures every night.  I do need to find more podcasts to listen to as youtube videos are distracting as I tend to want to watch them instead of just listen.  If you are into 15mm Sci Fi I recommend this one from Clear Horizon Miniatures.

In The Garage

As far as purchases go I have been fairly good.  I have bought some X-Wing and Armada models along with some acrylic templates and tokens.  I also bought the new box of Morat Rodak for the Combined Army for Infinity.  I did purchase Descent and a few expansions for a very large discount and I also bought some new dice from Chessex at a local convention.  So currently I am happy with my purchases.  I do need to buy some decals from Victrix for my Carthaginians and I want to buy more foam for my X-Wing and Armada.

Next post will layout what my 2 Divisions of Carthaginian Infantry will look like and what my inspiration will be.

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