Sunday, June 24, 2012

Everyone Loves a Sale!

I have really been contemplating getting into 15mm Science Fiction and this just might push me over the edge.  Critical Mass Games is doing a Summer sale... what kind of a sale? 20% !!! That is quite insane especially since their prices are pretty modest in my opinion to start with.

For those of you who have never checked out Critical Mass Games this is their homepage with their sale info.  Critical Mass Games

There are also a number of amazing rule sets out there to play with your shiny 15mm models.  My two favorites are Gruntz and Tomorrow's War.  I am a little biased toward Tomorrow's War as I am a Force on Force fan and an AAG pointman :)

Anyways, thought I would share this awesome news with you guys.  As an update, I am running 3 games of Force on Force at Tacticon this year.  There will be 1 Friday Night, 1 Saturday Morning and 1 Saturday Night.  Each game can support up to 4 players.  I haven't pinned down an exact scenario that I want to run, but I really want to play with some vehicles.  Currently it will still be an Afghanistan based scenario as I do not have the time nor resources to work on my Cold War Gone Hot stuff.

I'll try to update this with some work in progress and scenario ideas.  I'm still here, just getting my butt kicked by work.

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