Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First real attempt with Vehicles

My friend Matt has some relatives in town, and he really wanted to show them a game of Force on Force.  It was sort of a spur of the moment thing, thus I didn't have any time to properly prepare a scenario or steal one from someone else.  He brought some of his miniatures down, including a Challenger 2 and a Warrior IFV.  We elected to play at my favorite local game store, Collectormania (maybe a review on them later?).  Funny thing was, Dan Brewer was up in Parker from Colorado Springs to check out the store (I wore my Collectormania T-Shirt down to the Springs on my visit), so I twisted his arm (wasn't hard) to play a game.

Seeing as Matt brought his vehicles down, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play a game with them and really learn the vehicle rules in depth.  We ended up coming up with an idea that a veteran unit of American Paratroopers had been surrounded by a large contingent of hardcore Taliban.  The small, but powerful British force had to penetrate the Taliban lines and rescue the 82nd.

This building was right in the way of the British advance to the stranded 82nd.  The Challenger 2 decided that a remodeling and demolition of said building was quite appropriate.  After one hesh round, the building collapsed and killed just about everyone in it.

The Warrior got a little bit too brave, and moved quite far ahead.  The red bead in the middle of the British fireteam represents an IED that a trigger man is trying to set off.

The aftermath

Some Taliban with RPGs tried to take on the Challenger...

A second IED goes off...

At this point, Matt and his family had to start heading back home.  Dan Brewer also had to head back to the Springs.  We called it a Taliban victory.  Those IEDs really put some hurt on the British forces.

As you can see from this picture, I didn't use my Terrain boards for this game.  I think I am going to try to buy a felt that is slightly darker than the one used in this game, and I am either going to buy some hills and paint them to match my buildings, or build some.  Collectormania also had some JR Miniatures terrain in, and I picked up some roads.  They are meant for 15mm, but will be just fine as 1 lane roads in Afghanistan.

On a side note, Gamecraft Miniatures had a 20% off sale this weekend.  I decided to go ahead and buy the start of a West German town.  I also built 2 Challenger 1s.  I will leave you to guess what my plan is for a convention game at Genghis Con next year ;)


  1. Nick, that looked like a fun game. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to get a demo game in some time. I'm really more interested in Tomorrow's War, right now, but I figure if I like FoF then TW should be a good fit.

  2. I would love to do a demo game. I just need to find something appropriate for you. I am working on my Cold War Gone Hot stuff, and my friend Ken has Soviets. That would be a very fun game in my opinion, and something that you would probably be more interested in than Afghanistan.

  3. I'll play an afghanistan game just to keep it simple, since you have all the stuff for it. Let me know when works for you and I'll see what I can arrange.

  4. Looks like you guys had some fun. :) Can't wait to kill some Challengers with my T-72. :)