Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If at first you don't succeed...

So I have been on a Cold War Gone Hot kick lately and I managed to pick up some British Challenger 1s for my late 1980s force.  My Elhiem order also arrived with 3 sections of BAOR infantry which have been cleaned and mounted on pennies already.  The Challenger 1s were quite fun to put together and were a nice break from infantry.  I managed to add aerials to the tanks which was something I had never tried before.  I also wanted to play with my airbrush so I was quite excited.  I primed them white and then made a mix of Tamiya Nato Green and Tamiya Olive Drab to replicate British Green.

British Camo at the time was large bands of Black over the Green with nothing special.  I made a very rudimentary mask and then did some free hand work.  I tried using my new light box, but I think I need more practice with it.  It would probably help if I didn't use my phone either.

I also did some basic weathering on the tracks and the hull.  The bottom half of the vehicle got a good dusting of Deck tan and the top half got a minor splattering.  This represents dirt.  Then I gave the tracks and skirts a good dusting of a pale brown to represent dirt and mud.  I think it all came out pretty well especially for never doing this with an airbrush before.

Then came the camo nets... I mainly wanted to do this because the stowage bins are really ugly.  I had a few ideas and this is how it turned out after my first fail of an attempt.

Wasn't very happy at all... so I washed it green...

Looking better... but too green.  So some brown later...

Hmm... too light... time to darken it up, but I think I am getting close.

Yup I like it.  The camo nets took me longer than painting the stupid tanks >.<

So what do you guys think? They are a little darker than the picture makes them out to be.


  1. Those are looking good Nicky, they will be a force to be reckoned with on the table. Ken will have to buy about 10 T-72s now.

  2. Those are looking really good. I've always liked that tank; it has some great lines. I like the paint job on it.