Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to the Springs

Quite a few things have happened since the last time I posted.  This weekend I went and visited the Colorado Springs Gamers Association and ran two games of Force on Force and helped out with a game of WW2 Force on Force.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  That group has a very nice base of players.  Everyone seemed really appreciative, in fact, one of their members, Luis, gave me a 1/72 Trumpeter Kit of an M1A1!  I was also bought lunch.  Quite a warm welcome.  I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked too, but here are a few pictures from the Force on Force games I ran.  Once again it was Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

British forces get hit with an IED as they traverse the irrigation ditch

Here are some pictures of the really impressive WW2 game Dan Brewer put on.  I really like his terrain, especially the quantity of it.  This battle pitted some Canadians with British Paratroopers against the elite fallschirmjager.

Once again, a very fun day, but very long.  The Springs is about 1 hour south of where I live.  I woke up at 6am and didn't get home till after midnight.  Let's not talk about work the next day.

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