Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello all, I attempted a blog back in the day but found that I didn't have the interest nor the motivation at the time.  Lately I have found myself posting a lot of pictures, after action reports, and thoughts on game systems along with gaming news on a few forums.  I figured recreating a blog would be a great way to consolidate a lot of my ideas and projects.  I hope that I can publish at least one new post a week.  I have a lot of stuff going on currently, with quite a few miniature projects.

I'll start you off with some pictures from Genghis Con XXXIII.  It is a local convention held at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado.  According to a few stats, there were over 1900 attendees.  It is predominantly a Board Game and Role Playing convention, but the Miniature gaming has grown quite extensively, and this year had quite a turn out.  This was my first convention solo running games, which I ran 6 games of Ambush Alley Game's "Force on Force" rule set.  The scenarios were based in Afghanistan in the Helmand Province during June of 2006.

Was a very fun weekend.  I met lots of new people, and got a lot of attention.  I will be hosting multiple demos all over the Front Range in the following months.  

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