Thursday, April 5, 2012

AAR from a Friend's Blog

I was going to write an AAR of the game of Force on Force I put on for a bunch of friends tonight, but my friend Kris who participated in the game definitely beat me to it.  So instead of writing up a report myself, I thought I would just introduce his blog to you guys.  Kris is, like many of us, a dedicated hobbyist who has more projects than he can recall, with a pile of lead much larger than his pile of painted lead.  That being said, when Kris finishes an army or model, it is something spectacular.  I owe a lot of my knowledge and painting abilities to his teaching and guidance.  Kris also runs the painting competition at our two local big conventions, and is asked to do army judging at numerous local tournaments.  That being said, Kris generally doesn't play a heck of a lot of games, so this was a nice opportunity for him to learn a new set of rules that he has already bought into miniature and  book wise.  I actually taught 3 new players today, and 1 repeat player.

I ran for the most part the same scenario that I did at Genghis Con.  It is a very fun scenario that is suited for 4 players in my opinion.  All this being said, here is the link to Kris' blog with a very nice AAR.  It is always nice to see a battle from a different perspective.

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