Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who do you think you are... Ross Kemp? Force on Force AAR

Saturday I got to host a fun game of Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games.  It was just a fun learning game between my Modern British Army against the dreaded Taliban somewhere in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.  

The premise of this scenario was that a curious group of reporters had made their way into a local village and wanted to interview the town elders.  Accompanying the reporters is the platoon commander with his HQ elements.  The commander wanted to learn more about the town and try to create a relationship with the villagers.  He brought his medic along to help treat any villagers that might be suffering from injuries and disease.  For safety reasons the commander has a squad sweeping the town and and quick reaction force available for extraction.

Unbeknownst to the commander, the local insurgency has an insider among the town elders and plans to ambush and capture the civilian news reporting team to take hostage and use as a bargaining chip.

Fairly moderate Afghan Village.  The reporters are deep into the interview process as the commander stands by to ask questions and understand the village's needs.

Taliban start positioning themselves around the village to ambush and hopefully capture the news crew.

Quickly after the first rounds of gunfire the quick reaction force responds and races through town to extract the HQ element and news crew.

Elements of the squad that was sweeping the village find a weapons cash.  They quickly clear the area and disable the cache.

Insurgents attempt to storm the compound containing the Platoon HQ and news crew.  The Platoon Sergeant takes a serious wound, but the HQ element manages to hold off wave after wave of insurgents.

The MRAPs continue to race to the HQ element while the top gunners start to verify enemy contacts and neutralize them.

More Taliban making their way through the village to surround the British Forces.

Wave after wave attempts to breach the compound.

MRAPs are slowed down by a stray donkey cart.  Wary of a possible DBED (donkey born explosive device), they wait till the cart passes by.  Meanwhile Taliban attempt to flank the MRAPs and fire off a round at the rear armor.  The round flies through the air, hits the MRAP and doesn't explode.  Apparently the Taliban's arms dealer supplied them with some duds.

Combined firepower from the MRAPs and British units take their toll on the Taliban.  Most of the Taliban flee the battlefield instead of becoming casualties.

Elements of the first British squad flank the exposed Taliban and unleash a torrent of firepower

Just a few of the Fog of War cards that were dealt this game.  Both players had a god given talent for rolling 1s.  Lot's of random civilians which really made it feel like the players were fighting in a real village.

Was a very fun game.  I have not played a game of Force on Force for quite some time.  Still my favorite rule set by far when it comes to asymmetrical warfare.  Needs some fine tuning still for two trained forces combating each other and the rules are definitely in dire need of reorganizing.  Only thing I couldn't figure out was exactly how to resolve was an IED hitting the bottom of an MRAP.  I just used side armor values plus all the benefits the MRAP gets against IEDs.  What does everyone else use?

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