Sunday, July 1, 2012

Force on Force at Tacticon 2012

Tacticon is usually the smaller of the 2 conventions run by the Denver Gamer's Association in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, but this year the historical miniatures section is chock full of games, tournaments and demos to participate in.  My friend Matt August and I will both be hosting a couple of games of Force on Force each for this years Tacticon convention.  This year I will hopefully have an assistant (Bill) which should make the game run really smooth and allow for a lot more picture moments.  For more information on the convention itself, go to

Here are the listings:

4023 Force on Force 20mm Modern
Force on Force Demo, Hosted by: Nick Johnson
Co-hosted by Bill Kehrman. 
Introduction game to Ambush Alley Games, Force on Force rule set. Expect a fast paced, objective based game using an action and reaction style format. Scenario will be based on the actions fought in Afghanistan between 2001 to Present. Brought to you by Ambush Alley 'Pointman' and the League of Extraordinary Gamers. Beginner, rules taught. Figures provided. Table 40. Limit 4 players.
4023.0 FRI 07:00PM - 11:00PM
4023.1 SAT 09:00AM - 01:00PM
4023.2 SAT 07:00PM - 11:00PM

4024 Force on Force 1/72 Near Future
Take that HILL!, Hosted by: Matt August
Twilight 2013 post WW3 Roznava, Slovakia: Someone has decided to put some heavy artillery in the hills outside of town. The soldiers of the town's defense force need to silence the weapons before Roznava is reduced to rubble. Can you help them? Beginner, rules taught. Figures provided. Table 46. Limit 6 players.
4024.0 SAT 02:00PM - 06:00PM

4025 Force on Force 1/72 Modern
Hell on Earth?, Hosted by: Matt August
The Chechens have been given TOO MANY chances. We will roll into Grozny and crush the rebellion! Come my boys; the Motherland needs you! Beginner, rules taught. Figures provided. Table 46. Limit 6 players.
4025.0 SUN 09:00AM - 01:00PM

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