Monday, April 1, 2013

More Progress on my Modern Brits

Filter dried, a final dry brush on the Challenger 1.  Need to finish the base and waiting for my friend to help me out with decals as I am terrible with them.  Then it will be onto weathering.

Sorry for the crappy pics, using my phone in my dark basement

Also got my 4 Warriors and 4 Challenger 2s primed and basecoated.  Ran out of brown for some touchups, hopefully I can pick some up tomorrow

Very happy with the airbrush.  Base coated all 8 vehicles in roughly an hour.  I am sure I can make it quicker in the future, but for now that is amazing as it would probably have taken me at least an hour on each tank with a normal brush and have nasty brush strokes on them.  Yes... I am a pretty slow painted haha.

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