Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Bloglight

Thought I would direct my viewers to some of the blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading and are always my preferred read for the day.  This doesn't mean that the other blogs I follow aren't exciting, informative or amazing; these are just the blogs that I find the most pertinent or helpful for myself.

Dropzone Horizon is a blog  that any true 15mm science fiction gamer should be following.  It is a hot spot of information, reviews, pictures, painting guides and AARs.  I have been following this one for quite some time, and I actually learn about most of the new releases and sales from the various miniature companies from Dropzone Horizon.  They have an amazing archive of different 15mm Sci Fi miniatures and 15mm Sci Fi Terrain.  A must read for 15mm Sci Fi enthusiasts.

If you want motivation for painting modern infantry and vehicles, look no further.  Tacobat (blogger alias) does a phenomenal job of creating armies to fight in the modern time.  You can always tell that a vehicle is painted by him (or in his words Tacofy), with his unique way of doing lights and lenses.  Currently he has been in Syria documenting the war raging over there, so his miniature posts have been absent, but he has given us gamers a wealth of information in regards to the current conflict over there.  My favorite project he has worked on would be his modern Iranian army, something I would love to do in the future.  On his blog you will find anything from Warhammer 40k Miniatures to 6mm micro armor.  If you like pretty pictures, this is definitely your read.

A blog by Donogh McCarthy, Land War in Asia is a blog of what seems to be a very highly motivated wargamer.  Inside you will find battle reports, campaigns, work in progress, terrain, reviews and the like.  My favorite thing about Donogh is his creativity when it comes to bringing a game to life.  When I look for inspiration for my scenarios, I find myself scouring his blog for ideas.  Donogh has written many a scenario and campaign packet.  If you are looking for scenario ideas, this blog is a haven of information.

Dougie is what some would call a professional painter.  His work is astounding and I could spend hours looking through his pictures, but the most important part about his blog is the plethora of tutorials on how he accomplished his miniatures and terrain.  Tutorials are probably one of the hardest thing to come by in wargaming, and in my opinion, one of the most important things to help grow the hobby in general.  You can also find some nice reviews and AARs on his blog with beautifully built and painted terrain.  If you are wondering how to paint DPM, multicam or the like, this is definitely a boon and a very good read.

A very nice informative blog about gaming in the Cold War era.  Sometimes the blog delves into other eras such as WW2, but for the most part this blog is designed for those with the "what if" syndrome of the 1980's.  Most of the blog is general reviews and guides in regards to the various vehicles produced by different companies.  There are also plenty of tutorials for building the different companies model kits and sometimes painting guides too.  To me the biggest take away is the extensive information on which company makes what vehicles and where to find them.  Lots of good information to help you build your 1980's army.

Another blog that is designed around gaming in the 1980's, however I find this blog to be very different from the previous one.  While you can still find painted miniatures, tutorials and guides about various models, I find Cold War Gamer to be a library of information in regards to the military side of the Cold War.  If you are looking for military doctrine, organization of forces, disposition of forces, insignia, and book reviews, this blog has it all.  I would classify this blog as the researchers resource.  Lots of links and references, a perfect blog for those that like to know the history behind their favorite gaming period.

All of the above blogs are from people that I have never met in person, and really haven't had much if any contact with at all.  The following blogs are from friends that I know personally.

Chris is the iconic gamer that we all know with a blog to match.  You can find just about anything on Chris's blog from painting, gaming, projects, reviews and life events.  As any good gamer Chris has a more unpainted and unbuilt models than he knows what to do with.  Currently he is working on building Calamity, a 28mm Western style town.  Chris is not known to finish a project completely, but this one is showing extreme potential and looks absolutely amazing.  Chris also happens to be an amazing painter and great painting tutor.  I have learned a lot about painting from him.  If there is anything to take away from Chris's blog, it is the ability to be able to bring all your projects and thoughts together and monitor their progression and keep you on track.  It also helps when your buddies give you the compliments and comments to reassure you about your work.  This blog is ideal for the iconic gamer with too much too do, and not enough time.

Aaron is a blogger much like myself.  We have many projects and dreams, but take a very long and methodical approach to getting our stuff done.  Dulce et Decorum Est mainly records Aaron's wargaming life via battle reports.  At times you will find a work in progress post and his thoughts about various companies, rule sets and miniatures, but at it's heart is a plethora of well written and sometimes narrative battle reports that allow the reader to live vicariously.  Aaron's armies are very well painted and full of character and flavor.  For the most part Aaron sticks to Lord of the Rings, Romans and Star Wars, but that doesn't mean other things pop up from time to time on his blog.  

As Jonathan says, The Inevitable Spark is "A study of history and conflict through miniature wargaming".  Most of what you find on this blog is the research and application of building an army and then painting it to a relatively justified historical appropriateness.  The two eras that Jonathan currently spends most of his time and effort on are the Punic Wars and the English Civil War.  I am not the biggest fan of the English Civil War in a gaming sense, but I am an absolute fan of ancients and particularly Rome and Carthage.  Well painted ancient armies are very hard to find on the Internet, and Jonathan has one of if not the most beautifully painted armies I have ever seen.  His Carthaginians look like the fierce fighting force that nearly toppled the Roman empire and slew thousands of soldiers trying.  I love watching this army come together, and if you enjoy seeing a single project from start to finish, this is definitely an eye opener that you won't want to miss.  

Well that is it for now.  As I said, these are just the blogs that I usually click on first when I see a new article published.  I follow a lot of different blogs and there are many more amazing ones out there.  Maybe I will do another one of these in the future.  Tell me what you think. 

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  1. Nick,
    Firstly, thank you for the very kind words. Secondly, thanks for pointing out some of those blogs. I've looked at two of them before and then couldn't find them again, forgetting that I saw them on your blog.

    I also have to say that yours is a blog that I always look forward to clicking on when I see an update.

    Thanks again.