Sunday, April 28, 2013

Terrain day: Sci Fi forests

As usual in Colorado, last week was freezing cold and blizzard like conditions, where as this weekend was absolutely beautiful.  My friend Matt and I decided to head to Lee's house and learn how to make more terrain.  Lee has tons of experience making terrain, he is also the one who helped me build my Afghanistan boards and buildings.

Definitely a genuine nice guy.

I wanted to get some hills for my Afghanistan terrain, more walls, more building bases.  I also had some aquarium plants that I was going to put in my turtle tank (before I realized they dig and tear everything and anything put in their tank), so I figured some 15mm Sci Fi forests would be a fun change of pace.

They are quite simple to make.  Just some turtle grass and weird looking plants mounted on hardboard.  

My 15mm Sci Fi is about 1-2 projects away, but these were a really nice change of pace.  Glue needs to dry for a while, will put some flexible paste and dirt on them, then flock and tufts.  They should look good for an esoteric style planet.

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