Monday, August 19, 2013

Wow how time flies by...

So I just realized I have not posted in quite a long time.  So what have I been up too?

Well in March I quit my job as a Manager in the restaurant industry and I now work at First Bank.  I am very happy with my current job as it is a local company, but at the same time a very large company so lots of room for growth and good benefits.  The downside is I have been very busy.

I also bought my 2 Turtles a new 125 Gallon Aquarium.  I spent a few weeks getting this bad boy set up with proper plumbing and all.  My turtles are very happy and the water quality is amazing.  My old set up was awful and the water would foul very fast.  I have a 30 gallon sump that keeps the water nice and clean with very little maintenance.

Miniature wise I haven't done too much.  Taken a break from any actual gaming over the summer.  I have been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and just chilling with friends.  I recently started painting my Taliban again and hope to have all the infantry done soon.  I picked up the Gruntz rule book and got my Kickstarter minis from Criticalmass Games.  Things should be back in full swing soon.  I'll post some pics of the minis I have purchased and my current paint jobs.  

Also, I won't be putting on any games at Tacticon this year.  Didn't really feel like dealing with the DGA group this year.  I will be putting on some games in February for Genghis Con.  Not sure what yet, but something fun none the less.  That is it for today.  

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