Saturday, May 18, 2013

FoF AAR: Sangin Ambush

Thursday was our weekly meet up at one of our friendly local game stores and I had prepared a game of Force on Force.  I have sort of found a new favorite scenario out of the Enduring Freedom companion book called Sangin Ambush.

I slightly modify most scenarios to cater to the models and terrain I own.  In this case there are suppose to be Viking APCs, but I like to use my MRAPs.  Some terrain placement is also different, but the overall feel of the scenario is still there.

The idea of this scenario is that the 3rd MRAP in the column has been knocked out and the Royal Marines need to rescue the crew and passengers and get back to base out of the Ambush Zone.  However the Taliban are heavily armed and have a different plan in mind.

 The Taliban have pushed a truck in the way of the second MRAP.  Coalition forces are weary of a suspected Vehicle Born IED.

12.7mm DShK HMG teams are on the left side of the column ready to ambush any troops that get out of their MRAPs

British Forces take some unlucky hits early from one of the DShK teams.  This resulted in the death of the Medic and the JTAC becoming a serious wound.  The MRAPs used their GPMGs to neutralize the DShK, but the damage had already been done.

The lead Land Rover WMIK suffered from a mechanical failure and found itself immobilized.  AK and RPG fire also managed to immobilize the other WMIK.

Concentrated firepower from the Land Rovers did a good job of neutralizing the Taliban cells near the front of the column.  ISTAR discovered a person of interest in the area and the Land Rovers not able to capture him, decided that destroying him and his reinforcements was a reasonable alternative.

British forces manage to pull all of the passengers and crew out of the disabled MRAP unharmed, however their firepower was not capable of stopping a massive cell of insurgents to pour out into the street and kill most of the platoon's HQ element.  These Taliban were dealt with, but not without great cost.

I stumbled with a few rules as I had not run a game in a while, and probably gave some fatal tactical advise for the players controlling the Brits.  As usual was a fun game and it is always nice to get my friends playing.  Kurt and Gary didn't disappoint with the plethora of 1s rolled for reaction tests which caused a large amount of Fog of War cards to be drawn.  First time playing with Jayme and it was a blast.

I plan on working with my friends in writing some fun new scenarios to play.  We are also trying to come up with some fun what if scenarios.  Will probably run a game or two at Tacticon in September.


  1. Not a good day for the Brits! Great report and pictures!

  2. cool looking game. not a good day for the bits though. but I guess such things can happen.