Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When will it end? More Taliban...

I seem to always be painting Taliban! I have been slowly making some progress on the last of my Taliban forces.  It is a mix of some civilian types, more generic militants and a few more specialized guys.  I do have some actual heavy weapons to base up too.  There is a Technical and donkey cart in the background too.  As you can see there are quite a few guys.

The hardest part about the Taliban is getting them to look like a rag tag group of individuals while maintaining a unified feel.  I essentially lump a bunch of them together and paint their shorts and overdress the same color, then paint any other clothing apparel they have a different color.  I try to stick with earthy tones for the most part, but I have seen some blues in pictures.

For those of you that have viewed my blog before, you probably know that I already have quite a few Taliban.  They do need some touching up and will get that treatment once these guys are done.  They also need their bases finished.

56 guys in trays.  It will take about 4 trays to transport all of my Taliban not including the motorcycles, technical and donkey cart.

I also managed to play some Force on Force: Cold War Gone Hot today.  Mostly mechanized units of BAOR vs Soviets.  Was pretty fun.  Was mainly a learning experience as I am not 100% familiar with the vehicle rules in Force on Force and I am running through them to see what I need to work on.  I didn't take any pictures because my forces weren't painted and looked a little tacky, but as I said, was mainly a test game to learn the rules a little bit better.

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