Monday, March 17, 2014

AAR: Gruntz 15mm Sci Fi

This weekend was a great one for miniature gaming.  Saturday I managed to get in a demo game of Force on Force which I will post an AAR of later this week.  Sunday I played a multiplayer game of Gruntz.

This is a game I have been following for a very long time.  I have collected a decent amount of 15mm Sci Fi miniatures over the years, but it has for the most part just been sitting and collecting dust.  Lately quite a few of my friends have been interested in 15mm Sci Fi so we started building our forces and designing our armies.  This is pretty much the 3rd time I have played the game and it was a blast.  We did make one change to the rules and that was to double all weapon ranges.  We felt like the current ranges were way too short for our tastes.  It made the game a much more enjoyable experience.

We paired up Aaron with Brian, and Kurt with me.  The forces looked like this:

Aaron (beige/sand): Caliphate Infiltration Battalion

Brian (Blue): Khanate Strike Force

Kurt (Yellow-Green): Principate Rangers

Nick (Bare Metal): UNSC Light Attack Force

Objectives: Destroy the opposition!

Aaron brought some terrain for us to fight over.  A few Gamecraft Miniatures buildings, a building from the HALO toy range and some esoteric crystals.

The first few turns were mainly just each force moving into position to get the best firing lanes and terrain.  Kurt and I were much more aggressive in our advance by double moving our APCs forward to attempt to take the buildings.

You can just see the barrel of the main gun on one of my Paladin tanks at the bottom middle of this next picture.  I had them keeping back and off to the flank to make use of their tremendous range.

There was some minor damage done here and there to the APCs.  My Paladin tanks were taking chunks out of Brian's Blue APCs and had him quite worried.  Forced him to start disembarking pretty early.

Aaron's sneaky sniper team was quite an annoyance.

Kurt and I disembark the bulk of our forces and take advantage of as much cover as possible.  I move my spider drones in a way that they can take advantage of Brian's infantry if they move out into the open.

At this point Brian had lost most of his vehicles.  My Paladins were racking up kills and big hits on his vehicles.  Kurt and Aaron were off blowing each other up.

My two MVPs the Paladin High Mobility Tank.  

Brian gets some Air support and takes out one of my APCs.  An acceptable casualty as it had already delivered it's cargo.

In the very far background you can see Aaron has deployed a unit in Kurt's rear and is causing massive casualties.  My spider droids had pretty much wiped out an infantry unit of Brian's and all of his vehicles were smoldering wrecks.

A nice giant bottleneck for the infantry.  Aaron had dealt a decent amount of casualties and Brian had killed an APC and 2 weapon teams of mine.

We called it shortly after this.  It was getting late in the day.  Brian's forces were looking small and Kurt had lost all his Vehicles and a good chunk of infantry.  Aaron had a few casualties, but was looking to be in a good position.  I had lost all my APCs and one of my Paladins was suffering from a critical hit to it's optics.  My infantry was firmly holding the buildings content on letting the enemy come to them.  

Aaron probably has some great pictures from his perspective and I am looking forward to that.  It was a fun game and we learned a lot.  Rules are pretty great and simple.  Now I need to get some paint on this force.  I'm thinking a Cobra Commander looking group :)


  1. Very cool, and great timing. I just wrote a review of the book of Gruntz myself:

  2. It was a fun game. The weapon ranges being doubled was definitely a huge factor. We left the rest the same, movement, etc. I definitely know some more models I want for my armies. We played 500 points, which is a good level for a couple of hours.

    1. Nick, I posted up my side of the fight here:

  3. Nice report! We too changed the ranges as it feels like a handbag fight otherwise. We use -2 to shoot at double range and -3 at triple range.

    I'm off to look at the other report. Thanks again.

  4. Fantastic write up!

    It is in no small part that due to write-ups like this I ordered and received my own set of Gruntz rules ;)

    I started reading them and am well pleased with the purchase.

    Where did you find the great terrain (wind turbines etc)?

    Happy Gaming,