Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Warmachine/Hordes 2015 Battle Report 2: Legion vs Menoth

This was my 2nd battle vs Bill and his Menoth.  He had a few new goodies he wanted to try out.  I was still playing with the same 35 point list with eAbsylonia and Bill with pKreoss.  

Majority of my force in a giant deathball

Bills force in a standard battle line.

Deathball moves forward with a Carnivean making use of eyeless sight and pathfinder

Can see my Raek and 2 Deathstalkers flanking

I seem to have failed to take anymore pictures after this point.  Essentially Bill moved up into combat with my Carnivean, and moved his line forward.  Kreoss edged too far to my right.  My next turn was the last as eAbsylonia feated, killed a model which gave every model in her battlegroup (Every warbeast) conferred rage (+2 spd and mat).  My Raek was able to assassinate pKreoss.  It was a pretty brutal and effective assassination run.  If Bill had moved Kreoss literally 1 inch to my left, he would have lived and pounded me on his turn.

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