Saturday, January 9, 2016

Legion of Everblight Raek

The first finished paint job for my Legion of Everblight.  This model was completed in 2015.  I do need to figure out a few things to enhance the base.  I will probably add snow and tufts.  I really like the blues and the natural chitin looking armor plates.  This will be the scheme for the whole force.  I used an airbrush to lay down the foundations of blues and then the armor plates and feathering to get a nice gradient.  Wet blending was then used to bring it all together and highlight.

I am pretty pleased with this model.  I definitely need a second as the model is beautiful and performs amazingly in battle.

Here are the colors I used


Armor/Chitin Plates



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  1. That's a great looking model Nick. I especially like the chitin.