Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Few more British and my Taliban Thus Far

The weather was finally decent so I matte varnished some finished models and primed my whole USMC platoon and a bunch of special forces.  I have found that 20mm figures are probably my new all time favorite.  They are small enough to paint easily, but big enough to still show some incredible detail.  They have been a blast to paint!

Here are 6 British Army with LSWs.  Figures are by Elhiem

I have taken a few pictures of my Taliban, but not the whole gang together in one picture.  I am not a very good photographer, so I grabbed some of my buildings, grabbed a piece of hardboard and set something up.  All told there are 56 Taliban done.  I still need to add tufts to bases and do a little dry brush on the base, but the models themselves are done.  The figures are a mix of Elhiem and Wartime Miniatures.

Now that my USMC is all primed, I will begin working on them while simultaneously finishing off the rest of the Taliban.  There are 52 USMC and probably 40 more Taliban to go.  I guess I better get working!


  1. Hya Nick!

    I've bitten the bullet and ordered some cold war Soviets and will be putting them together in the coming weeks. After my next payday, I'll pickup some modern Marines for Enduring Freedom and Road to Baghdad scenarios.

    Now if I can just get some time to get back over to Denver for some games. :)


  2. Nice Ken! I will have to see about going out to Grand Junction to put on some games! I love the Cold War Soviets, I have just a few, and I picked up a bunch of 1/72 scale kits online. Academy, Ace, Revell, Dragon and some diecasts out there for all your Soviet needs! Just wait until I post some pictures of my USMC that I bought from him. I just started 1st squad, damn are they beautiful.