Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Semper Fidelis and something from the Future

I have been currently working on my USMC for Force on Force, which consists of 52 models so far.  I own 2 LAV25s and a LAVAT, and I want to buy a few more LAV25s and some of the other versions.  I also have on order 4 AAVPs, this way I can play with regular Marines, or make them a recon force.  I should mention that I also have some HMMWVs, but it is proving rather difficult to find more generic ones.  They will be painted for Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

I also cleaned and and primed 12 special forces (They are in the back of the first picture).  They are modeled as DEVGRU, but I am pretty sure I could use them as just about any top tier special forces unit.  I am going to try to paint them in Multicam, which will be quite the test as that is a very intense Camo Pattern.  Currently Multicam is used by special forces (although they use just about anything they want), and is issued to all Army personal who are being deployed in Afghanistan (One set of ACU and one set of Multicam).  The British Army has also fully adopted their version of Multicam regardless of being in Afghanistan or not.  

I will be painting the USMC one squad at a time (13 guys), and then probably work on all the special weapons and command guys at the same time.  I have been taking pictures of my first squad after each step has been completed.  Once I finish the first squad I will write up a tutorial on how I painted them.  I will probably do the same thing with the special forces guys, however they will probably be painted by fireteams, and the first fireteam will probably have to be stripped as I learn how to paint Multicam haha.

I also was looking at a squad of Dark Eldar wyches from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k.  I have been painting this squad off and on for about a year now.  They are beautiful models to a game that I have sort of become disinterested in.  I plan to paint these to a competition level.  I still have some fine detail work to do on them including their black leather outfits, their daggers and pistols, and redo the black trimming around their base.  The leader also has a trophy rack which is not quite done.

I think I took much better pictures of the Dark Eldar than I have been taking.  I think I figured out how to get much more detail to show in my pictures.  I am only using a little Digital Camera without a light box in my room.  My friend sent me a link of a light box I liked the look of, at a reasonable price.  I might invest in one.  I think that will do it for tonight.  Hope to get 1st squad of the USMC done soon.


  1. Nick, If the USMC are in Helmand make sure you paint them wearing FROG suits. For the most part they'll look the same but if you have any of the chest or back showing it needs to be a lighter, solid color. I have a FROG suit and some web gear I could lend you until you get the colors down.

  2. I didn't know that they wore FROG suits. Thanks for the heads up. For the most part it looks like these models have their body armor and webbing covering anywhere that the solid color would show.

  3. Can't wait to see your multicam tutorial. It is my favorite camo after all. :)

    Still have to pick up some spec ops figs for my SEAL teams. That and a HUMVEE or two.