Friday, April 26, 2013

WIP Filter Chipping and MRAPs

Two posts in the same week!? You got it! I have actually been smart and put my current projects on my desk so when I sit here watching movies, youtube, etc all I have to do is pick up my paints and get to work.  So here are my MRAPs at their current stage.  They have had all of their airbrush work done, black has been applied to the tires, windows, inside of the hatch door and turret machine guns.  I made an attempt at chipping.  Right now at times it looks like there is a camo pattern on the tank.  From other angles it looks good.  I have also applied my first filter on the tanks using Mig Brown for Desert Yellow.  Waiting for these to dry and I think I am going to apply a second filter of the AK interactive Africa Korps Filter.  The Africa Korps filter will probably just go on the top of the MRAP.  Not 100% sure I will do this, need to see how the MRAP looks after the first filter dries.  

What do you think so far?  The chipping will hopefully be toned down after a pin wash is applied, a possible highlight and then weathering pigments.  

I am personally pretty pleased with how these are coming out.  I can always go back and dry brush over some of the more prominent "chipping".  Filters are definitely fun to use, but very smelly. Ventilation!


  1. these are looking stunning, Nickster! The bar armor looks mean as hell

  2. Looking good Nick. Of course they'd look better on a table top getting shot at.

  3. Very impressed with models on display here! Kudos