Thursday, March 8, 2012

IED Contact

Tonight I hosted a game of Force on Force for two of my friends at a local hobby shop.  I sort of designed a scenario in my head, and pretty much put the terrain out on the fly.  I decided to play on a 4x4 table.  The scenario would be based somewhere in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.  The idea behind it was that a small British Patrol (1 Squad and a Medic) had been hit by an IED attack.  Their lead fireteam would start the game as all lightly wounded.  Local Taliban forces were attempting to swarm the stranded British patrol.  A second patrol group (1 squad, a GPMG team + the platoon sergeant and RTO had been rerouted to help out the wounded soldiers.

British Objectives: Rescue stranded patrol and get back to base
Taliban Objectives: Kill or capture the Infidels!

The British basically had to go from one corner to the other, with 5 Taliban Cells each with a leader, 4 dudes with aks, a rpg, and either a pkm or rpd with them.  There were also 5 hotspots with an insurgency level of 3.  The fields in the pictures represent poppy fields, so they block line of sight and have a 4 inch shadow on the other side of them from elevated positions.

The Taliban player (Kurt) tried to throw as many models as he could at the Brits that were holed up in a building.  Kurt pretty much had bad dice rolling the whole night, whereas the Brits (played by Matt) were hot all night long.  Kurt didn't get any reinforcements until turn 4, and had lost a large chunk of his local Taliban militia.

Kurt's innate ability to roll an inordinate amount of 1s helped him out in one regard... Fog of War cards.  He managed to score himself an IED trigger man, which he used to place an IED in the building that the stranded patrol was holed up in.  While the IED trigger man was lit up with 5.56, the threat of an IED forced the Brits to evacuate. 

At this time Matt pretty much had to head out, and the battle was basically over.  The British had suffered no casualties (the one guy that did go down ended up being fine), and the Taliban were a very much broken force.  Was a very fun game even though this one ended up a little bit one sided.  We are going to play again next week, and I think I will make the Taliban actually Al-Qaeda and make them regulars.  Maybe even make them veteran Al-Qaeda warriors with d8 TQ.  We have not done a symmetric battle yet.

Oh... I also picked up my 4 AAVPs that I ordered last week :)