Thursday, March 22, 2012

Retrieve the Bodies - AAR

I have been meaning to post something about the most recent game I played.  My friend Ken was in town and really wanted to get a game in, so we played a smaller scenario that would work for a "Me vs Him" situation.  I am an avid reader of Donogh McCarthy's blog, in which he has a scenario packet called "The Defense of Wilson's Wadi" We played the first scenario from this packet which is basically a rescue operation.  Of course I don't quite have the terrain that he has in the packet, so I went with something comparable.  I played the British forces, and Ken played the local Taliban.

The British Forces are sort of centrally located.  They must reach the red beads (Two missing comrades).

I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked because I was actually playing the game.  This was pretty much a standard "Nick rolls 1s game"  The first 5 reaction tests I made were all 1s.  I had casualties mounting up.  It was not looking well at all.  Ken gained an IED trigger man that set off a bomb right in the middle of my forces, which caused all 3 of my teams to be pinned as they took cover.  Well... this should give you an idea of what I was looking at on turn 3.

Ya... not the best situation for the British Forces.  I failed to take any pictures after this, but my undeniable skill of rolling 1s on any sided dice suddenly changed the course of the game.  I drew a Fog of War card that suddenly gave me a special forces unit.  The SAS must have known this element of 1st platoon would screw up royally and came to the rescue.  They pretty much shot everything to pieces.  They did suffer 1 KIA, but they rescued the fallen soldiers (which the Taliban tried to run away with).  In the end I think the British won 10-5.  I had 1 KIA and 2 seriously wounded soldiers, with about 5 light wounds around.  I think 4 IEDs blew up and all sorts of other crazy stuff happened.  Ken lost a lot of his guys due to shrinkage.  Was a great game, sorry I didn't take more pictures.  At one point Ken had his hand on the Fog of War deck before I had even rolled my reaction test.

On a different note, my parents were kind enough to buy me a Light Box kit for my Birthday, so hopefully I can put that to good use soon.  I also have acquired the start of my BAOR for my 1980s Cold War Gone Hot ideas, and picked up two M1A1 HAs for my USMC in Afghanistan.  I haven't done any painting lately, and I have attempted to build some more model kits, but work and life have been taking up a lot of time.


  1. Cool. What game system are you using?

  2. Force on Force from Ambush Alley Games. Specifically the Enduring Freedom expansion. Great rule set that plays fast. Ambush Alley Games also has an Iraq, Vietnam, Cold War, Somalia and SciFi expansions as well.