Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chechen War

Hello everyone, I have had a pretty good last couple of weeks.  Went to Vegas for a Magic Tournament (and because it is Vegas) and did pretty well for a semi-competitive player like myself.  Placed 55th and 64th in the two days which was enough for making my money back and then more.  Also won some money gambling which was nice.  Overall was a very nice vacation with two good friends.

Anyways, I have been working on these pictures for a while and finally have another battle report for you all.  My good friend Matt has been working on some models for the First Chechen War.  We played this game sometime last year and since then he has finished most if not all of the buildings.  

For this scenario the Russian forces have begun the invasion of Grozny and are attempting to reach the presidential palace.  Grozny has taken a sever pounding from artillery and air raids.  The Chechen forces are well equipped and highly motivated to defend their home.

We used the Ambush Alley Force on Force rules for this game.  This is the initial Russian invasion force and is made up of mostly conscripts.  Their troop quality will be a low 6 along with their morale.  The Chechen force will be an irregular force with troop quality 8 and morale 8.  The Russian's have numerous T-80s, BMP2s and a lot of troops.  The Chechens have an old BMP-1 and dug in troops hidden in the buildings.  

Fighting started early with the Russians taking a devastating losses.  1 BMP went up in a blaze killing most of the crew and passengers and wounding the rest.  T-80s were being hit my AT weapons every turn.  The Chechens however were definitely paying for it though.  Most of their initial forces were systematically wiped out by machine gun fire from the Russians.

Chechens pour enough AT fire into one of the T-80s to knock it out.

Russian T-80 takes a hit from a ATGM launched by the BMP-1 and finds itself immobilized.

Russians manager to secure the right flank and begin pressing forward.

Russian casualties are becoming a major burden.

Russians were severely punished for their use of poorly trained conscripts and lack of tactics.  The Chechens suffered heavy losses, but kept the Russians away from the Presidential Palace.  Russian high command would have to come up with a better plan to take Grozny from the Chechens while minimizing anymore disastrous losses like this battle.

Hope you guys like the pictures.  Still brainstorming ideas for a guide on "How to play Force on Force".  

I have been working on a PHR force for Dropzone commander and magnetizing them.  Hopefully I can find time to take some pictures and post them up for you soon.


  1. I like the B&W pictures. Nice touch. We'll have to play again. I really enjoyed the intro game but it left me feeling like I only half understood the rules.

  2. Great looking pictures and a nice report!

  3. Nice game like what you've done with it all.



  4. Love the stuff on your blog and Please try to do a step by step guide. I tried to make it to the con so I could get one of your games in but life got in the way. I figured that would be the best way to teach my friends. We played one of the scenarios in the book and it seemed like it went ok but who knows?

  5. I think I recall that game. Cool pics and storyline.

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