Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Making Scenic Bases

Thought I would show some work I have been doing on making more scenic bases for my Post Human Republic for the Dropzone Commander Rule Set.  I envision my PHR walking through streets of rubble strewn cities or the ruins of ancient civilizations.

I just snap some 1/4 inch plasticard into different shapes and sizes and glue them down onto a 30mm round base.  I make the patterns varied on all of the bases.

The next stage is to add some life to the plasticard.  I take multiple blades, drills and clippers and just attempt to create damage to these concrete/slate slabs.

Then I add some basing material around the edges and even on the plasticard itself.

And the base with a pair of walker legs on it.  After the model gets painted I will add grass/moss and the like to the base.

That's it for today.  Been doing a little bit more painting on the Force on Force British, but nothing really to show off yet.

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  1. Those look good. You totally forgot the skulls though.