Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Work in Progress... Lots of Airbrushing

Been slowly but surely working on my Modern Brits for Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is the final batch of infantry that I have to paint.  Mostly specialist figures with some dogs and a camera crew.

Figures primed, based, first color on bases and a wash over the primer to show me the detail of the model and adds some pre-shading. 

Base coat of Iraqi sand applied to the uniform.  Skin will be next.

Also finished airbrushing all of my vehicles.  All the vehicles have been primed white, air brushed brown to add depth, then airbrushed Tamiya Desert Yellow.  As you can see below the desert yellow is a little too dark and too orange so gets a dusting of basically 4 parts Tamiya Yellow, 2 Parts Deck Tan and 1 Part Buff.  Not entirely accurate, but those are the approximates.  As you can see, the color is a much more sandy nice tone and will be perfect to add washes and pigments too.

My lighting for these pics wasn't perfect, but all the vehicles look the same color wise.  These are my MRAPs from S&S models.  These are cool models with the Bar armor and something that I really wanted in my Modern British Forces.  However, these models were atrocious to clean, fit and put together.  I didn't bother filling in all of the air bubbles as there were just too many, so I will probably be doing a lot of rust and weathering to these vehicles to make it look like they have seen a lot of action.  Once they are built they are very nice, but I would definitely prefer if someone would make a plastic kit of affordable MRAPs out in the near future.  I had previously started then and stopped a while back.  They were Iraqi Sand which was way too bright for a base coat.  I went back and airbrushed them to the standards of my other vehicles.

The Challenger 2s


Britannia Vikings all built up, ready to be based and then primed.  I do not like the resin used for these.

Some Scimitars from Britannia.  Do not like this resin at all.  Not cast very well either.

That is it for now.  I forgot my brushes at my friends house and it has been a Snowpocalypse here lately so I have just been doing what I can with my Airbrush.  Should have more updates by next week.

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  1. Huge project man, totally awesome, cant wait to see em fully done :)!