Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Convention Scenario Ideas and Ramblings

In February Denver Gamer's Association will be hosting one of their 2 conventions called Genghiscon.  This is the larger of the two conventions they host every year and usually has a decent crowd for miniature games.  This year I wasn't motivated enough to put on any games at Tacticon in early September, although I did help my friend Matt out and helped run the booth of one of my friendly local game stores.  I have been brewing a few ideas and would like some input from the community.  All of my games will be done using the Force on Force rules by Ambush Alley Games as I really enjoy these rules and I feel very comfortable teaching others how to play.  I also have painted miniatures and terrain for this rule set.

The convention itself starts Thursday, February the 13th to Monday the 17th.  Not much goes on Thursday and Monday so I don't really plan to do anything those days.

Friday: I was planning on hosting a game set in Afghanistan.  I am just about finished with my last 60ish Taliban putting my total at over 120 painted insurgents and civilian types.  I also have an over sized platoons worth of British Army/Royal Marines fully painted and I am working on the rest of my British Vehicles which a full list can be found here.  I do have some USMC started, but only 1 squad fully painted so would require a decent amount of work to get to convention standards.  I also have tons of terrain already done for Afghanistan.  Haven't decided on a scenario yet, but was thinking some vehicles would be nice.

Saturday: Was thinking of doing two games based on Cold War Gone Hot "what if" situations.  I don't have anything painted for this period, but I do have a BAOR platoon cleaned primed and base coated along with a bunch of vehicles built and a ton of Soviets nearly prepped for priming with a bunch of vehicles built with others to be built too.  I also have an entire European style village's worth of buildings, schools and factories that are in random stages of being built.  This project would take the most effort.  I figure something grandiose would be best as I want this to be the game that attracts the most people.  Vehicles on both sides with lots of infantry to push around.  My ideas were anything from a hold until relieved, breakout, fighting withdrawal or a capture and control mission.

Sunday: Since I will be working on Soviets, and I have a ton of Afghanistan locale painted up, I figured it would be fun and different to do the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.  I already have the terrain for it as the country looks the same through out history.  I will have to dig up the scenario, but I believe someone wrote up one based on the movie The Beast.  I will have to look into this one some more, but I believe this could be quite exciting to play.

So here are my ideas.  I have 4 1/2 months to get ready.  Any input would be appreciated.  What kind of scenarios do you prefer to play at a convention?  Would you do something different?  I don't want to venture too far from these time periods/regions as this is what I already own and have a decent amount ready for.

On a side note, I finally found and bought some Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes.  I have always wanted to try these, but could never find a distributor once I had the money to buy them.  I have been using a #1 on my Taliban and have been really enjoying them.  They definitely hold a lot more paint than an Army Painter of Games Workshop paint brush and have a much nicer point.  In total I have a 00, 0, 1 and 4.

Hopefully I will have some finished pictures of my Taliban soon.  Also planning on finishing my Warriors very soon.


  1. Any and all scenarios sound fun. You will really need to get cracking right now though at the rate you paint.

  2. Aw come on, he is a speedy painter when sufficiently motivated! :)

  3. Fyi, Meininger's downtown carry Winsor & Newton brushes... Cheers, Gary

  4. How about a Taliban vs. Taliban scenario? You've got the figures and God knows the bastards infight enough to justify any sort of scenario. Plus it would be interesting to see a irregular force. vs. an irregular force.

  5. Just make sure you use a streamlined version of the rules. After the first round players should practically be playing on their own. I've seen people try to play a full rules set that is somewhat complex and it's miserable. I always do "quickplay" versions that allow more players and faster game play.