Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rangers Project: Salamander Mech 15mm Scale Miniature

Where do I even begin with this project... maybe here

I have an unhealthy love of Mechs, walkers, power armor suits and the like.  I had seen a few pictures here and there on facebook, but at the time I didn't really think anything of it other than "those look cool".  Anyways there is a kick starter that has reached full funding within the first couple of hours.  The mechs are kind of pricey at $30-$35 a pop, but they are also nearly 5 inches tall.

Wait, what?! A 15mm model that is nearly 5 inches tall?  You had me at Mech...

Anyways here is the link to the kick starter, very limited options in actual backing, but sometimes it is rather nice to have a simple kick starter.

15mm Mech Kick Starter

They also had a kick starter that I missed for a Digital art book.  I have been looking through some of their stuff and have to say I am impressed.  Pretty cheap too.  You can still get in on the pre-release which says to have some perks of the original kick starter. Here is a link to that post.

Digital Art Book Kick Starter

Thought this was cool enough to make a post about.  Oh and if you like Mechs as much as I do, check out this guy, he is pretty much the go to guy for 15mm Mechs.  I would honestly say he has digitally sculpted almost any 15mm mech you will find out on the market.  He also made a little post about this Kick Starter.

John Bear Ross

Sorry I have been quiet lately, a lot has been happening lately (good things, not bad: new car, new promotion at work, family visiting etc).  Will try to post more often.  Been quietly working on Cold War Soviets and BAOR.  Might do more posts on new minis that different companies are putting out too.

Until next time.

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