Thursday, January 7, 2016

Star Wars Armada 2016 Battle Report 1

Starting 2016 right.  Rob and I decided to play a game of Star Wars Armada with some Wave 2 goodies on Sunday.  We haven't played many games, and this was our first 400 point game using the updated organized play rules.  Rob wanted to test out the Imperials while I took the Rebel Alliance.  

We both made poor meta decisions in our fleets builds.  I took 4 X-Wings, a MC80 Assault Carrier and 2 MC30c Scout Frigates with some beefy upgrades.  My fleet was designed to take out Capital Ships from a distance while running circles around them.  Rob took 1 Star Destroyer, 2 Raiders and a boat load of Tie Fighters, 2 Bombers and Bobba Fet!  He thought I was going to take tons of Squadrons.  

Deployment.  I wanted to stay far away from that Star Destroyer

That's a lot of Squadrons...

Admiral Akbar leading the fleet

Cautious movement on turn 1 from both fleets

A wall of Squadrons.  Not sure how I can deal with that
My plan was to get around their rear

Admiral Akbar erased a Raider.  Some Bombers beat up my MC30c.  Akbar decided to bump the MC30c and failed at maneuvering.

X-Wings have a lot of work to do.  Let's keep that Star Destroyer out of the way.  The closest MC30c would eventually fall due to Bombers, Bobba Fet!, and the Victory.

I must have missed a turn.  Akbar put a beating on the Victory the turn before.  All my X-Wings were destroyed, but all of the Imperial Squadrons are nearly dead.  At the end of the Game the Victory had 1 Hull point left with lots of Crits.  My 2 Remaining Ships were fresh.

I enjoyed the game thoroughly.  We fumbled around with the rules a few times due to not playing for a while.  Those new Rebel ships are beastly.  Rob wants to play again Sunday.  I might try out some different squadrons.  Definitely want to look at some of the other ship upgrades.

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  1. Good looking game. It was fun watching both of your faces when you realized you had totally prepared for the wrong list.