Friday, March 16, 2012

A Bad Day in BakkaLakkaville

So another fun day with a bunch of friends.  I hosted a game and had 4 people show up to participate.  I ran a scenario that is heavily based on Donogh's "Take that Gun" scenario in his The Defence of Wilson's Wadi scenario packet.  The idea of the scenario is that a Mortar team has been bombarding the British FO, and a patrol group has been sent out to neutralize the target.  I used the same forces and reinforcement tables listed in the scenario, with different terrain.

British Players: Gary and Kurt
Regulars, Abundant Supplies, High Confidence, TQ- 8, Morale- 10

Taliban Players: Matt and Bill
Regulars, Normal Supplies, Confident, TQ- 8, Morale- 10

The first turn only involved movement.  The British Forces moved into that first field in front of their position.  The Taliban moved some guys around.  Taliban were hampered in movement because the scenario tells the British players to draw a Fog of War card at the start of the game.  They received an unarmed UAV to stop out of contact movement.

With a Rebel yell Kurt ran his forces across the gap you can see.  The DSHK decided to unload on all 3 units that attempted to cross into the next field.  Well... you can see the results from the picture.  Due to Fog of War cards an off board .5 cal sniper team was added to the Coalition forces.  This team decided to pin down the Taliban DSHK after it had caused all the distruction.

The next turn saw the Taliban running in and trying to snatch up some POWs.  The British were not faring well in this sector of the board.  A few dead, lots of light wounds, and a whole lot of angry Taliban.  On the opposite side of the table, the other British section was moving along.  During the rampant 1s being rolled by the British side, another Fog of War card caused one of these units to be "Caught Napping" basically reducing the British effectiveness again.  Things were definitely not looking good.  Also, an IED went off next to one of the British units on the flank that was doing very poorly.  This resulted in another dead soldier.

The next turn saw a whole bunch of assaults.  The morale of the story was, don't let large Taliban groups assault you.  The British forces were down to a lightly wounded fleeing survivor, and 3 men from a Fireteam.  We called it at this point.  To say the least, the FO is still being bombarded by that pesky mortar.

Was a very fun game, the coalition forces made some major tactical errors and had insanely bad rolling.  I think if we play this one again we will make the Taliban TQ6 but keep them as regulars.  Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm not sure how you expected a different outcome with Gary and Kurt rolling the dice. :D