Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cold War Gone Hot Project

If you have been reading my blog you may be aware that I am going to host a couple games at Denver Genghis Con in February of 2014.  One of the scenario ideas I have is for a "What if" the Soviet Union invaded West Germany in the late 1980's.  For this scenario I will be pitting the USSR against the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine).

I started work on my Elhiem Soviets.  The idea is to have 2 mechanized platoons of infantry available for the players.  I might add a few more if time allows it.  I have cleaned and mounted my infantry, and sorted the 2 platoons.  As you can see I have some spare figures so if I want I can add a few more squads.  I have 4 T-80s built along with 2 BTR-80s.  I want to purchase some T-55s, BRDMs and BMPs.  I also own 2 T-62s and 2 T-72s and 1 more BTR-80.

(Photo taken from Elhiem.com)

For the BAOR I have a platoon of infantry mounted, based, primed and started on some brush work.  I have all of the special weapons, hq and extras coming from Elhiem right now.  I also have 4 Challenger 1s, 2 Scorpions, 2 Scimitars, and 4 Warriors built up and being mounted on bases.

My good friend Lee is going to be helping me with the terrain.  Lee is responsible for my Afghanistan terrain board and all of the buildings that go along with it.  Over the past year I have purchased numerous buildings from Gamecraft, Italeri and some other companies.  Lee will be making a full table for my two forces to destroy each other on.  I will be helping him as much as I can, but he is fully aware that my main attention will be on all of my infantry and vehicles.

So far some buildings have been built, and a lot of supplies have been bought.  We have done some preliminary sketches, and just from that I can say that this table will be awesome.  If you have not seen my Afghanistan Table I highly suggest looking through some of my old posts.  Lee has learnt a lot since then.

Just wanted to update you all as I haven't posted in over a week.  Hopefully I will have a post soon about some new shiny 15mm sci fi troopers from Clearhorizon.


  1. For the 80s I think you can skip the T-55s and I would be tempted to go heavier with the T-72s than the T-80s. I have a book that I should really dig up about the Canadian Brigade in the '80s and what they role would be in that hypothetical conflict. That might be fun to put together, Leopards for the Canadians!

  2. Great looking figs. I'm looking forward to playing this at Genghis.

  3. The T-55s will be for the category 3/reserve troops that will make up half of the soviets. Going for T-80s for the other half to represent a guards or category 1 unit in the late 1980s. Trying to stay away from T-72s as the soviets really didn't use them in the 80s. If I wanted to be super accurate it would be 90% T-64s, but nobody makes a kit for it.